What to Store Under the Kitchen Sink?

What to Store Under the Kitchen Sink?

The under-sink area is one of the trickiest spaces in any kitchen for storage. The difficult-to-reach spaces and complex plumbing work turn this into a challenging area. But don’t worry, we are here with some best under-sink practices on what to store under the kitchen sink and what to not, which eventually turn it into a storage bliss.

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Things to Store Under the Kitchen Sink

  • Kitchen Organization Tools

First and foremost, you need to store the kitchen organizing tools somewhere in your kitchen when not in use. No worries! you can keep them under your sink cabinets in tip-top shape.

You can easily store them with the help of some pullout trays and tension rods (for hanging the spray cleaning bottles). Even simpler you can use some plastic containers or inexpensive tubs to keep your organizing tools together. In this way, you can take out the whole container for easy cleaning.

Make sure to keep the containers clean. As clear and clean containers keep your stuff from molds and bad odors. Moreover, it also allows you to easily see what stuff is almost used up, so you can stock up it early.

  • Kitchen Cleaners

Kitchen cleaning items are the things that one should always have on hand. Some common items are cleaning vinegar, dish soaps or bars, dish detergents, and chemicals (with a child-proof lock if you have little kids).

Cleaning sponges, extra dishwashing gloves, brushes, microfiber cloths, and scrubbers are obvious things to store under the kitchen sink. As this is a convenient and exact place to store these kitchen cleaning items. Make sure to replace them frequently, as they’re one of the germiest stuff in your kitchen.

  • Small Fire Extinguisher

This is one of the rarest items to need but a crucial safety precaution at a time. It is important for a sudden grease fire etc.

The best place to keep it is simply to have it close to hand – under the kitchen sink area. Also, get it to confirm that it’s up to date, in running condition, and keeps track of how long it lasts.

  • A Moisture Absorbent Mat

The absorbent mat is something that is usually used for absorbing a bit of water in event of a leak before you put any products back under the cabinet.

It helps in keeping the under-sink cabinetry in good condition and protects it from the formation of mold due to leaks into the cavity from under and behind the sink.

  • Unjammimg Tools

This is a perfect place to keep those bizarrely shaped unjamming tools that are used for unjamming your kitchen garbage disposal.

Things NEVER to store Under the Kitchen Sink

  • Pet food and insecticides should not store under the kitchen sink as humidity under the sink can cause them to mold
  • Small kitchen appliances and light bulbs
  • Flammable products like paint cans, thinners, spray paint, solvents, polishes, oily rags, and some cleaners
  • Kitchen towels and paper bags should be avoided to store here, as a single leak would completely ruin them

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