10 Best Ways to Use Immersion Blender

10 Best Ways to Use Immersion Blender

If you think your kitchen job is going hard now, try using an Immersion Blender! Come, let’s find out some of the best ways to use an immersion blender.

An immersion blender is a lifesaving kitchen gadget that is also known as a stick blender or a hand blender. It is a compact, handy, and versatile kitchen appliance that engages little space in your kitchen is easy to clean, and has multiple uses.

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10 Best Ways and Techniques to Use Immersion Blender

When it comes to mixing, pureeing, chopping, emulsifying, and even whipping, nothing can beat an immersion blender.

With some of its amazing attachments like a beaker, whisk, jug blender, ice crusher, chopper, and masher, you can use your immersion blender in a number of ways.

Here, we will share the 10 best ways to use your immersion blender for making some mouthwatering recipes in a flash.

Baby Food

As a mother, I should mention it first. Making baby food has never been so easy and quick as with the help of an immersion blender. You can make different purées of cooked fruits and veggies in seconds for your little tots. You can also portion and freeze them for later use. Your wallets will also thank you for this.

Making Milkshakes and Smoothies

Another best way to use your immersion fellow is to make creamy milkshakes or fruit-filled or veggie smoothies for healthy living. It is an undoubted expert in whipping up frothy beverages with enough power to handle frozen fruits and ice.

You can get a smooth consistency of veggie smoothies by pureeing and finely blending vegetables with your immersion blender. For making fiber-filling drinks, you can easily immerse kale, spinach, chia seeds, flax seeds, oats, or bran with this handy buddy.

Chunky Applesauce and Apple Butter

With the hand blender, you can make amazing chunky applesauce and apple butter that you’ll never get from a traditional food mill.

Surprisingly, there is no butter in apple butter. It is in fact a more concentrated mixture as compared to applesauce. You can get caramelized flavored apple butter by simply cooking the apple and spice mixture for a longer time as compared to applesauce.

Note: One has to peel and core the apples if using an immersion blender.

Frothing Milk

If your milk frother ends up at your latte time, no worries, here comes our immersion warrior. For a rich, smooth, and thick foam, blend the milk continuously with your immersion blender for one minute or two.

Note: The volume of milk will increase during frothing. So, make sure to use a deep container and fill it up to 1/2 level. Further, keep the blades of your blender deep to avoid spills or splatters.

Beating Eggs

Want to make omelets, scrambled egg sandwiches, or frittatas in no time? Then, whisk the eggs with an immersion blender. You’ll get a guaranteed uniform and fluffiest texture of the egg whites and yolks with this amazing gadget.

Whipping Whipped Cream or Mayonnaise

For getting a homemade stock of whipped cream or mayonnaise, an immersion blender can save you from sweating and hard whipping. You’ll have a smooth and rich textured whipping cream that you’ll never think of in a matter of minutes.

A classic mayonnaise only needs egg yolks, lemon juice, salt, white wine vinegar, oil, and an immersion blender. First, mix egg yolks, lemon juice, and salt in a jar. Start your hand blender and slowly add the oil spoonful by spoonful into the mixture.

After a few minutes, you’ll see a difference in the texture and color of the mixture. Finally stop until you’ll get that familiar thick, rich, and creamy texture of your all-favorite mayonnaise.

You can make mayonnaise in large for your tangy slaw or a little for a solo dipping sauce.

Note: The immersion blender also comes with a whisk attachment for making these kinds of recipes.

Blending Smooth Batters and Making Chunky Toppings

Are you getting tired of blending pancake batter with a fork or having to do it quickly? Fortunately, your immersion blender is an ideal device for making any thin batter.

First, separately blend your dry and wet ingredients. After that blend your already blended wet ingredients into the blended dry ingredients. Your rich smooth batter is ready to go! Make sure to use a deep bowl or container to avoid splatter or spills.

Updated models of immersion blenders come with accessories that make them compatible with chopping hard ingredients like nuts for chunky pancake toppings. You can also chop fibrous vegetables with the help of these chopper accessories.

Puréeing Soup

Winter and soups go hand in hand, but your traditional countertop blenders can’t tackle those hot liquids. Here comes the super-hero – an immersion blender that purées hot soups in just a blink.

You can do a lot of soup experiments with this kitchen-mate such as pumpkin soup, tomato soup, broccoli soup, etc. In fact, you don’t need to transfer them from the slow cooker, just start your immersion blender and purée those hot soups for a family winter night.

Mixing Salad Dressing and Marinades

With this magical wand, you can make homemade creamy salad dressings, emulsify vinaigrettes, and make rich marinades for your custom flavor dishes. The immersion blender gives you the cushion to choose the amount of each ingredient to tweak the flavors as per your preferences.

Thus, go and emulsify different ingredients to open up a world of unexplored and exciting flavors that can’t be found in the market.

Making Sauces, Hummus, Jams, and Chutneys

  • Pesto Sauce: With an immersion blender, have a quick whirl to turn those leafy greens or fresh herbs, olive oil, nuts, and parmesan into your all-favorite Pesto pasta sauce.
  • Tomato Sauce: Want something more smooth than a chunky tomato sauce? A quick whirl of your magical wand blender through the pot will give you a magical silky tomato sauce experience.
  • Hummus: To whip up a quick batch of hummus, just start your immersion blender and let the magic work!
  • Jams and Chutneys: To give your breakfast toasts a tasty twist, purre seasonal spices and fresh fruits to make velvety jams and chewy mouthwatering chutneys. From fresh summery strawberries to tangy cranberries, or wintery figs to dried apricot, you can make as many jams and chunky chutneys as you want.

Tips for Using an Immersion Blender

  • Make sure to reverse the order of adding ingredients while making smoothies and milkshakes.
  • Immersion blenders work best for large quantities. So it’s best to use larger batches and submerge its metal part fully in whatever it’s blending.
  • Use a tall and narrow container for smaller quantities. You can also use its beaker attachment for smaller batches.
  • For best results, move it around so that it can pick up every ingredient and blend evenly. For hot soups, move it in a little stirring motion for a well-homogenous texture.
  • Use larger containers to avoid splatters or spills and for leaving room for the liquid to expand while whipping.
  • Wash it after each use to avoid exhaustive cleaning. As it has many hard-to-reach spots, and cleaning can become so hard if you let it dirty for long. Thus, run hot water on its metal part, give it a mild scrub with a soapy sponge, and rinse well.

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