Storage Ideas for Kitchen

8 Best Storage Ideas for Kitchen

Declutter your kitchen leads to decluttering your mind. So, calm yourself by creating a well-organized and tidy kitchen with our best storage ideas for the kitchen.

Nowadays, kitchens are so much more than just a place to cook. As, they are being used as home offices and classrooms in times of Covid-19 and a good space to eat, socialize, and relax.

By utilizing the following conscious smart storage ideas for everything you use in your kitchen, you will be able to find the things exactly when you need them, which makes definitely save you time and the place will look tidy.

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Storage Ideas for Kitchen: 8 Best Solutions

  • Declutter the Kitchen:

First and foremost, you need to finalize what you really need to have in your kitchen and what you actually don’t need to store anymore.

Start to declutter your kitchen one drawer or cupboard at a time, taking out everything and prioritizing what to actually keep in your kitchen. In this way, you’ll feel less stressed and more likely to do the decluttering plan with ease.

Secondly, split the items into three groups or piles. First consider everything even it is broken, is never utilized, or has missing elements. Check the herbs and spices by their use-by-dates and throw away the expired ones.

The second group, keeps the things that are more frequent to use. For instance, the items that you use all the time, day-in, day out. It could be your favorite saucepan, vegetable peeler, mugs, or the plates you use for dinner. These things stay and keep inaccessible storage space, according to their frequency of usage.

The third group has the things that you don’t use very often. You really need to think hard about whether to keep these items or not. For example “Are you really using that retro tea set? So it’s better to gift it up along with your Christmas or Easter decorations, rather than pile it in your kitchen.

Finally, when you’ve streamlined your things – you have the option to sell anything you don’t want anymore, donate it to charity, or box it at Christmas.

Now, it’s time to plan more consciously about how to store the things that are left.

  • Conscious Shelving:

A good blend of open and closed storage is a perfect idea for clever storage. For instance, open shelving and glass cabinets work best as decoration and also for storage.

You can organize them with ornate jars, beautiful kitchen baskets, exquisite crockery, and kitchenware.

After that, you can utilize the closed storage for less aesthetically pleasing kitchen items.

When choosing shelves, opt for the hardware that complements the other finishes in your kitchen. In case you have the trending brass taps and door handles in your kitchen, opt for brass brackets for your shelves for a streamlined look.

Black brackets are trending for a more intense or industrial look.

Always remember to place a few indoor plants on your open shelves. By adding oxygen and good for health, plants are great for adding spunk and texture to your space.

  • Go for Containers and Baskets:

Smart storage is enhanced by choosing appropriate baskets and containers.

Streamline and beautify your cupboards by storing your products in glass jars or containers. This is perfect to declutter the bulky boxes and packaging, and eventually clear the cupboards.

Fridges are often stuffed with half-empty jars and wilted salad leaves. Go for clear Perspex containers to keep things in your fridge, clutter-free.

Also, store your tea bags, coffee, dry milk, and sugar in one basket, to easily have everything you need at tea time.

Moreover, beautiful plastic baskets are great for storing your cleaning items and protecting your units from spills or leaks.

  • Make Use of Every-Inch:

Also better utilize the area under your wall units. Storing your kettle, toaster, or coffee machine in that space is good, but, there is far better utilization for that space.

You can use this space to store frequent-use items such as olive oil, herbs, spices, or kitchen knives.

Double the storage space on the countertop. For example, a standing storage unit can be used as a handy shelf and is perfect for storing fresh herbs and mini plants next to your hob.

Place the less aesthetically pleasing items in a drop-down shelving system. It is suspended from the above units and drops down at the click of a button.

  • Clever Pantry:

Pantries are the most wanted kitchen feature, however, small kitchens usually don’t have space for a walk-in pantry. Don’t be sad, you can make your own mini pantry by better utilizing the space.

You can cleverly squeeze a pull-out larder unit into a narrow space. It will offer much easy-to-access smart storage. In addition to that, u can also opt for a wider larder unit with drawers and dedicated racks for bottles and spices.

However, an all-out dedicated pantry with floor-to-ceiling shelves is a great idea, if you have more space.

  • Better to Choose a Moveable Island:

Kitchen Island is a dream for small kitchen havers. However, think again. You can create a similar effect as a kitchen island with a pull-out worktop extender.

It looks just like a kitchen unit when not being used. Whenever you need it, pull out it and it will offer extra worktop space and underneath storage, too.

Alternatively, a moveable butcher’s block on wheels can act as a compact kitchen island. It will also give you more surface space and storage beneath.

You can make an impression by choosing a contrasting color scheme for your moveable island from your other kitchen units.

  • Labeling:

All of us once find ourselves digging into our freezer and puzzled to can’t tell the difference between frozen mashed products and frozen meats.

Labeling is a great option in this regard. Interestingly, you can now purchase your own label machine to print your personalized labels and tags. You can use them all over your kitchen for no more digging-in drawers, cupboards, shelves, or freezers.

Alternatively, liquid chalk markers or sharpies are an economic option to write directly onto the storage containers.

  • Kettle’s Smart Replacement:

Kettles are a must-have kitchen item but they engage valuable countertop space. They are noisy to use and are not the most efficient item for hot drinks.

Replace your kettles with a boiling water tap. These are becoming the most desirable and smart kitchen gadgets in contemporary kitchen designs.

These taps also provide regular hot, cold, and even filtered water. Also, some smart sinks can be utilized as chopping boards, colanders, or drainers. Thus. you can clear some countertop space by replacing your kettles with these updated smart kitchen gadgets.

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