Small Kitchens Decor ideas 2023

Small Kitchens Decor Ideas 2023

Here, you can find our top small kitchen decor ideas for turning your cooking space into a beautiful arrangement in 2023.

It’s a dream to have a spacious kitchen with sky-high ceilings and lots of natural light shimmering through giant windows. But, most of us have to rely on small kitchens with no space for a kitchen island, cooking range, dining table, etc. But don’t feel so bad!

Small-space solutions make the most of your counter space. Also, helps to make them practical and stylish, too. These ideas largely consider benefiting from minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. Further, you can also check some tips for designing a small kitchen.

Top 10 Decor Ideas for Small Kitchens in 2023

Let’s discuss some of the best kitchen decor ideas that might turn a game changer for you.

  • Pick the Right Color Scheme:

Nowadays, painting kitchen cabinets is an economic option to revamp your existing kitchens. As replacement needs huge expense.

Moreover, a wise color scheme can revive your kitchen by giving its small spaces an illusion of looking, a little bit bigger.

For instance, a neutral or nude color scheme on the sidewalls gives a fresh airy feel, to your small space. On the other hand, a stronger and more dominant color scheme provides a presence to your kitchen cabinetry.

Finally, a darker shade on all base units will give the optical illusion of a greater sense of space between the floor and ceiling. Also, the room will feel divided.

Although a neutral color scheme gives a light and airy feel to a small kitchen. But keep in mind that a neutral color scheme does not mean only beige or cream colors. You can give it a crisp feel by coupling white pattern tiles and marble worktops with duck egg blue kitchen cabinets that gives it a spacious look by bouncing the light around.

Moreover, paint the cupboards the same color as the walls. It will create an illusion of a more spacious kitchen. You can choose a white or grey color scheme for a light and airy feel where the units are mixed into the kitchen walls.

A uniform white paint will make your small kitchen looks neat, clean, and spacious.

  • One Wall Utilization:

Consider the layout of your kitchen wisely by making sure that every inch of your kitchen is utilized. Designing a bank of cabinetry along one wall is a perfect idea for streamlining your kitchen by sparing more space.

  • Bold-Floor Scheme:

Always go for bold tiling for small kitchens. Because strong-patterned floors will distract the eye and makes the kitchen feel roomier.

A hanging copper planter is perfect to add some vitality to the kitchen, without engaging or disturbing the work surfaces.

  • Opt for Creative & Flexible Storage:

One of the most important ideas for small kitchens is to think creatively when considering storage. Go for creative wire panel shelving from a string, instead of typical shelves. As it enlarges storage by adapting to your kitchen’s needs.

You can also hang glasses upside down, add in or take away shelves, and even design a wine rack, too.In short, every inch counts when space gains premium importance.

So, if you have a small boxy kitchen, consider swapping a cupboard for a drawer for easy pot organization. This wise pullout drawer maximizes space and there is no more digging for a frying pan.

  • Utilizing Breakfast Cupboard:

A breakfast cupboard is a great space for hiding the toaster, kettle, and coffee machine, etc. Your quick-access gadgets are sat ready to use, once you open the cupboard.

It is a great small kitchen hack to utilize the awkward corners of your kitchen. In addition to that, your kitchen tech will not get lost at the back of a cabinet.

  • A Kitchen Island:

It sounds weird to add a kitchen island in a small kitchen. But, in a long sleek kitchen, a kitchen island is a perfect idea to add extra storage and surface space, while giving it a sociable space.

However, pick an island with a large storage space underneath for hiding vegetables and linens. Also, make sure a little overhang from the countertop so that its 4 bar stools can fit easily under the island.

  • Relocate your Wet Zone:

Thinking about relocating your wet zone is one of the great ideas for small-space kitchens. Either go for European culture to place it in a bathroom or relocate it in a cupboard under your stairs.

Moreover, if you still want to keep your separate washer and dryer in the kitchen but stack them one on top of the other in an old larder cupboard. It helps them out of sight, frees up much space, and streamlines laundry days.

  • Go for Double Sink:

If your small kitchen doesn’t have enough space for a dishwasher. Don’t be sad and have a good alternative by freeing space for a double sink. In this way, you can engage one bowl for washing and the other for filthy dishes.

It is perfect when you want the plates will out of sight for some time and no more clutter in the working area.

  • Internal & Mobile Storage Solutions:

Although cupboards and drawers are giant storage resources in any kitchen it’s likely that they’re not being completely utilized. The best solution to use them fully is the internal storage solution.

Go for retrofitting smart wire racks that pull out of corners or slim cupboards, some base drawers, or using silicone drawer dividers for storing your utensils, spices, pans, or plates – well organized.

Moreover, some mobile solutions are vital for well-composed storage such as a trolley or butcher’s block on castors. Also, prefer popping baskets or containers on top of your wall cupboards – just make friends with a nearby sturdy stool.

  • Simple Kitchen Scheme:

Simple white walls and overall basic kitchen schemes are good home decor ideas to make your small kitchens feel more spacious, so why not make them roomier with sleek and contemporary details that widen the space?

Therefore, light, reflective materials, and minimal interior design ideas are simply great for a small kitchen. For instance, white or vague glass cabinets, white stone or composite, basic stainless-steel worktops, and white splashback tiling work magically for a small space.


Finally, a quick tip at the end is that prefer handleless designs for a sleek, compact, and symmetrical appearance. Don’t overstuff the materials in a tiny space. Also, muted colorways are key to creating an illusion of a fresh, airy, and spacious feeling.

So, there is a lot you can do with your small kitchens.

And remember big is not always better.

There are many positive aspects of having a small kitchen.

Comment below if you like our effort. Also if you have any home decor ideas and tips for turning small kitchens into smart and super-organized spaces, do share them with us.

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