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Top 10 Retro Kitchen Decor Ideas

Retro style is back in fashion! There are various ways to have a perfect blend of retro accents with modern amenities, creating a modern kitchen with a classic vintage feel. If you’re looking for inspiration, the following top 10 retro kitchen decor ideas are exactly what you actually need.

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Best Retro Decor Ideas for Kitchen

Classic Serving Hatch

The serving hatch or a service window is a classic retro kitchen trend that lasted in our kitchens for many years. With a spunk of modern practicality that also adds socialization to retro kitchen-diner, the serving hatch was an extremely celebrated trend.

It went out of fashion because most people bend toward the open-plan kitchen-diner trend. The dividing walls were fallen down, and consequently, our classic serving windows or hatches went with them.

This is now coming back for many vintage and antique lovers who really love to install it in their retro kitchens.

Cool Checkerboard Backsplash for a Retro feel

A checkerboard backsplash is a great alternative for a retro checkerboard floor. For a more subtle retro feel, match the tiles to the kitchen cabinetry. With a number of designs available for kitchen backsplashes, these designs become antique.

Timeless Flip-Down TVs for Vintage Treat

This is a state-of-the-art ageless retro kitchen trend. Still, it got a lot of love from most vintage lovers. This trend went away because technology progressed and unfortunately, the novelty wore off.

Elegant Neon Green Cabinets

Glossy neon green cabinets are one of the cool retro color/paint ideas for kitchens. They were once a kitchen craze that makes their debut in the 90s. No doubt, it is contemporary, bold, and ageless. Once, they were acknowledged to be cutting-edge kitchen designs.

It runs out of fashion because global fashion moved away from neon green – and so did our kitchen designs. It is again gained popularity but currently, the interiors are all about neutrals and nudes.

Prime Veneer- Trimmed Kitchens

This retro design was the norm in back old days. With these veneer-trimmed cabinets with inverted handles and plenty of open classic shelves, this vintage trend was a staple of the kitchen design!

The main reason why it becomes out of fashion is that this vintage trend was succeeded by alluring 90s looks which were a little more minimalist and slightly less glittering.

The classic open shelving with natural accents is one of the most simple retro kitchen design ideas and can be easily executed in contemporary kitchens.

Typical Tiled Countertops

The tiled countertop trend was another kitchen timeless design that has both form and function. They came in a lot of design options in terms of various colors and shapes. Importantly, they were heat-resistant. Hence, there were no more worries regarding sudden take pots straight off the hob and place onto the countertop, directly.

A tiled countertop came with a basic design flaw: the grout was susceptible to staining from spilled liquids which’s why less likely to be ideal for a kitchen countertop.

Currently, it is coming back with a gradual return in kitchens across the UK. This trend is certainly on its way back.

Standard Walk-in Larder

Back in the old days, walk-in larders were a standard built-in feature for kitchens. However, as time passed by this trend changed, now there are quite fewer kitchens with this built-in feature.

It was a storage giant for spacious kitchens. Although old in style, it kept the kitchen almost clutter-free and stored all the tinned goods at a good temperature.

The development of smart storage solutions pushes back the walk-in larder trend.

Dark Wood Cabinets for 90s Retro Kitchen Design

These wood cabinets were a retro trend that mostly complemented the Shaker-style kitchens. Throughout the 90s, they were a classy, sophisticated, refined, and upmarket style icon.

They pushed back with the lighter cabinet colors that come with minimalist styles.

The wooden retro design can be used with dark timbers but in a more natural, less sophisticated way. What about midnight blues and emerald hues?

Feature Stripes for a Nostalgic feel

These timeless stripes were a feature statement back in time that made the kitchens much more attractive. Complemented with monochrome schemed kitchen units and bright-colored cabinet lighting, they offered a bold and unapologetic aesthetic look.

Although it was fashion-forward yet short-lived, this throwback trend simply didn’t handle the competition of the latest fashion trends.

Lovely Linoleum Flooring as a Retro Decor Ideas

Finally, this 90s kitchen trend is super-easy-fit and wipe-clean flooring. You can have as many designs as you like such as wood, tile, or patterned, and translate them into lino as an inexpensive and easy-fitting alternative. This is one of the most popular retro designs, that you can implement in your kitchen.

Lovely Lino was majorly replaced by the early 90s laminate craze. Currently, linoleum flooring is used.

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