how to reset samsung refrigerator

How to Reset your Samsung Refrigerator

If you’re experiencing problems with your Samsung refrigerator, don’t worry – we can help! In this post, we will guide you through the process to reset your Samsung refrigerator.

This is a simple process that can often fix common issues. If you’re having trouble with your freezer, water dispenser, or ice maker, follow these steps to reset your fridge and get it working again.

Instructions to Reset your Samsung Refrigerator

As indicated by Samsung, you ought to possibly reset your ice chest when:

  • Moving.
  • Cleaning.
  • After a blackout.

Let’s begin with the instructions.

Step 1: Identify the error code on the screen

You might experience a few error codes, yet here are explicit ones that need resetting:
Assuming that you see any of these error codes on your Samsung refrigerator screen, keep perusing this how-to post.

Note: Error codes 22E, 22C, PR ER, and PC CH l may require an additional reset method(Hard Reset).

Step 2: Turn off the refrigerator

Before you continue, really take a look at your cooler. Are there any ice fabricate-ups?

If Yes! then follow these two steps:

  1. Eliminate putting away food supplies.
  2. Place a carpet under your cooler.

Turning off it for a very long time might cause the ice to fabricate ups to soften. Causing water spillage in your smart refrigerator.

Tip: You can forestall ice construct-ups by cleaning and thawing out your ice chest routinely.

Once done, you can continue the resetting process.

To begin the genuine interaction, cut off the power supply of your Samsung cooler.

Caution: Resetting your Samsung cooler erases the error history. Also, that is significant for a specialist to determine and fix the issue to have your unit appropriately. Thus, possibly do this if important and incited to.

There are 2 different ways to turn off the Samsung refrigerator properly:

By turning it off from the power attachment.


By switching off the power at the electrical switch.

Turning off is the most widely recognized approach to resetting.

However, in case it’s hard to reach the refrigerator’s power line, then simply switch it off at the electrical switch.

By removing the power supply, you permit your Samsung cooler to reboot. Furthermore, that revives its system and resolves any power-related issues.

Step 3: Leave it off for 8 minutes

Have you turned off your Refrigerator as of now?

If indeed, the following thing you need to do is simply hang tight for around 8 minutes.

Leave your Samsung fridge switched OFF and permit the power supply to be totally cut off.

Step 4: Replug the fridge

Now replug your fridge. Assuming your fridge model has a manual power switch, make a point to turn it ON also.

This progression finishes the resetting system.

After this progression, the problem or error in your refrigerator ought to be settled.

Step 5: Check to assume the issue has been settled

To affirm whether the reset is effective, analyze your unit and actually take a look at its screen.

  • Is all the data on the screen right?
  • Do all your fridge capacities work faultlessly?
  • Does the screen show the vital data?
  • Is the error code shown on the screen before currently gone?

On the off chance that the problem is not fully resolved or the blunder code is as yet shown, reset it once more.

Step 6: Turn off the refrigerator Again

In any case, you can definitely relax, as you can re-try it and perhaps get a more fruitful result.

Along these lines, on the off chance that the blunder in your Samsung refrigerator continues, perform steps #2 to #5 once more.

However, this time, leave the cooler turned off for 10 to 15 minutes on your subsequent attempt. Also, 1 hour for your third attempt.

Leaving your fridge turned off for a more drawn-out time frame permits it to reset better. Guaranteeing a vastly improved outcome.

Likewise, since you’re turning off your refrigerator longer, try to move your profoundly short-lived products(milk, food items, medicines, etc) to firmly covered compartments or coolers.

Like that, you can keep saving your provisions while your cooler is OFF.
In the event that the issue is not yet fixed, continue to step #7.

Step 7: Contact Samsung Support for service

On the off chance that it actually doesn’t work, simply avoid your refrigerator. As experimenting with it may damage your Samsung fridge.

All things considered, contact Samsung support for the administration.

Prior to calling Samsung support, get ready fundamental data, similar to your:

  • Error history.
  • Guarantee data.
  • Samsung cooler model.
  • ERROR code showed on the screen.
  • Samsung fridge chronic number.

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Is there a Reset Button on a Samsung fridge?

There is a reset button on some Samsung fridges. The switch is red and situated inside the highest point of the right entryway.

However, it’s only available in Samsung Refrigerator Family Hub models. Furthermore, it’s simply used to reset the Family Hub screen.

Note: Resetting the Family Hub screen is different from resetting the actual refrigerator.

Thus, pressing the red reset button won’t reset your Samsung cooler.

In case you are interested in resetting the family hub screen, you continue reading the post

How to reset my Samsung Family Hub screen?

There are 2 methods for resetting your Samsung fridge Family Hub screen:

Soft reset

Soft resetting will just erase impermanent information (RAM) on your Family Hub screen. It’ll assist with settling minor errors and blunders.

  • Find the red switch inside the highest point of the right entryway.
  • Press it once.
  • Then, at that point, trust that the screen will reboot.

Expert tip: To back up your Family Hub data, connect it to your Samsung account.
To delicate reset the Family Hub screen.

Factory reset.

Then again, Factory reset resetting will erase all information from your Family Hub screen. Also, that incorporates your custom settings, contacts, accounts, and availability to different gadgets.

  • On the Family Hub board, go to settings.
  • Select About Family Hub>Factory reset data>RESET.
  • When incited, click “RESET” once more.
  • Then, press “Erase all information.”

Reset Samsung Refrigerator After a Power Outage

To reset your Samsung fridge after a blackout, press the power save and lighting buttons for 10 seconds or press the fridge and cooler buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

Whenever you have a blackout, your Samsung cooler shows mistake codes 1E and additionally SE.

Holding the fridge and freezer buttons simultaneously will reset the fridge and eliminate these blunder codes.

Notwithstanding, you ought to attempt the power save and lighting buttons choice first prior to resetting your fridge.

Reset Samsung “Ice Maker” After Power Outage

To reset the ice maker of your Samsung cooler after a blackout, do the accompanying:

  • Take out the ice plate.
  • In the event that this doesn’t come out you want to thaw out your ice creator first.
  • Find the reset button.
  • Shift focus aside.
  • You ought to see the blue reset button there.
  • Hold down the reset button till you hear a blare.
  • This will reset your ice producer.

Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator Wire Harness

On occasion, the display could blink an error code showing that there is a correspondence issue between the refrigerator door and the fundamental control unit.

This could be an issue with the wire harness associated with them.

Here once more, knowing the sort of issue through the particular mistake code would direct you.

To reset, switch off the unit and turn it off. Then check the wire harness assuming it is disconnected. Assuming it is, basically reconnect.

On the off chance that it is still set up, disconnect it and reconnect it back.

Then plug it in and switch on the refrigerator. It would have eliminated the error code.


Samsung refrigerators can self-analyze and communicate errors.

Normally, a general reset can be done by switching the refrigerator unit off to the point of rebooting the system.

In any case, for explicit issues that can’t be tackled with that, pressing the right buttons(available only in selected models)will take care of business.

If these instructions do not work or you are still having problems, we recommend you contact Samsung support for assistance.

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