Reset LG Refrigerator

Reset LG Refrigerator: Ultimate Guide

If your LG refrigerator isn’t working properly, resetting it may be the solution you need. This guide will walk you through the process to reset LG Refrigerator in different situations like after a filter change or without a reset button.

In case, the problem still persists after the resetting, then contact the LG customer service department for assistance.

Keep in mind that this guide is for LG refrigerators only – other brands may have different instructions.

Reset LG Refrigerator To Factory Settings

Whenever you turn off your LG fridge and attachment it back in the following 30 seconds, it will reset every one of the settings back to factory standards.

Turning off the fridge in this manner clears the memory and eliminates any remaining power that is within the machine. After the fridge completely reboots, it will be like new.

Whenever you reset your LG fridge to production line settings, you are basically getting any free from the settings that you have previously settled.

A portion of these can remember varieties for the temperature settings, and that can be an issue.

Assuming it is important to set your fridge or cooler to a much lower setting than the norm, you want to remember that when resetting the fridge.

Reset LG Refrigerator After a Filter Change

Is your refrigerator water filter light on? It tends to be reset, whether or not you have supplanted the filter or not.

Generally, your LG cooler will consequently switch off the water filter light channel when the channel is supplanted. On the off chance that it doesn’t, you can physically reset the light by holding down the button named water filter.

Subsequent to holding it down for a couple of moments, the water allocator light will come on, and afterward, the channel pointer will vanish.

It is really smart to supplant the water filter when the light comes on. Water filters will ultimately get stopped up with flotsam and jetsam and the water won’t apportion as fast.

The water may likewise not be as sifted assuming the channel is old.

It is moderately simple to supplant the water filter in an LG refrigerator.

In the wake of supplanting it, you might find that the marker light goes out consequently. In any case, switch it off as portrayed previously.

Ways to Reset LG Refrigerator without Reset Button

If you are looking for a reset button on an LG refrigerator, you are going to be disappointed.

Most LG refrigerators do not have a reset button. If your fridge is not working properly, the first thing you should do is unplug it and then plug it back in. This will reset the refrigerator’s electronic controls and may fix the problem.

If this doesn’t work, check to see if there is a power outage in your area – if your fridge isn’t getting power, it won’t work properly.

An alternate way to reset the refrigerator is by turning off the circuit breaker in the breaker panel.

The reason why there’s no dedicated “reset” button isn’t just because of how complex they can become.

Sometimes, resetting the fridge can really be counterproductive.

That is particularly evident assuming you have recently turned on the power and are attempting to speed things up so it chills off rapidly.

Taking everything into account, it will require somewhere around 24 hours for the temperature within the cooler to standardize.

Continually resetting the cooler can likewise harm the compressor.

Albeit that isn’t continuously going to be the situation, assuming you are closing down the blower with a hard restart continually, it can prompt issues.

LG Refrigerator Issues that are not fixed by Resetting

In spite of the fact that resetting an LG refrigerator is an incredible method for getting some free from the mistakes you are encountering, it’s anything but a fix-for-all issue. Coming up next are a portion of the issues that might be tended to in alternate ways.

Error codes

On the off chance that there are any mistake codes appearing on the control board, these should be tended to exclusively. In spite of the fact that they might clear when you reset the cooler, you are not fixing the basic issue.

You can research error codes utilizing the client user manual or through the LG site.

NOTE: Be wary that you are taking a gander at your particular model assuming you do your examination on the web or you could be driven down some unacceptable way.


On the off chance that you are not getting capacity to the cooler, resetting the fridge isn’t probably going to help. As a rule, electrical issues include issues with the electrical switch, power line, or divider repository.

In the event that you check the electrical switch and it stumbles, it tends to be reset by turning the breaker completely to the off position and afterward back on once more.

Assuming it keeps on stumbling, there is reasonably an issue with the electrical inventory or the apparatus that should be fixed by a repairman or electrician.

Door Seal

If the door is out of alignment or if the seal is damaged or dirty, you might have a development of ice and different issues inside the cooler or fridge.

The entryway seal can be checked by shutting the entryway on a dollar note and attempting to pull the dollar note out once more.

You ought to feel some obstruction while attempting to eliminate the dollar note from the entryway.

On the off chance that you feel no opposition then the issue is logically an issue with the seal.


It is generally great to have a lot of food in the fridge or cooler however in the event that you are over-burdening it, you may not get the full advantage of cooling the apparatus.

Go for the gold of enough food yet not a lot as that will assist with monitoring energy yet permit the machine to appropriately cool.


There are sure internal fuses to the fridge that gives balanced governance to guarantee that everything is working appropriately.

Assuming that one of those fuses is coming up short or has fizzled, it can hold the cooler back from working appropriately.

Leaking water 

If you notice water leaking from your fridge, unplug it immediately and contact LG customer service for assistance.

Do not try to fix this problem yourself as you could cause further damage to your refrigerator.

Noisy operation 

If your fridge is making strange noises, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

Check if the noise is coming from the ice maker, and make sure that there is no ice buildup blocking it.

If the noise is coming from the fan, make sure that nothing is blocking it or caught in it.

If you can’t identify the source of the noise or fix it yourself, contact LG customer service for assistance.


These are just a few of the most common issues that you might experience with your LG refrigerator.

If your fridge isn’t working properly, the first thing you should do is unplug it and then plug it back in again. This will reset the refrigerator’s electronic controls and may fix any potential problems that you’re experiencing.

If your problem is not solved by simply resetting then, consult your owner’s manual or contact LG customer service for assistance.

Thanks for reading – we hope this guide on How To Reset An LG Refrigerator was helpful!

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