How to Remove Samsung Freezer Drawer

How to Remove Samsung Freezer Drawer

If you are having trouble removing your Samsung freezer drawer, don’t worry – you are not alone!

This is a common problem that many people experience.

In this post, we will explain how to remove the Samsung freezer drawer.

We will also provide some tips on how to avoid this problem in the future.

Guide to Remove a Samsung Freezer Drawer

Before you begin removing your Samsung freezer drawer, there are a few things you’ll need to do in order to ensure the process goes smoothly.

First, make sure that the area around the freezer is clear and free of any obstructions. Now follow these steps:

Stage 1

Open the drawer of the cooler and eliminate the upper plate get-together.

Do this by pushing the plate back inside, lifting its wheels out of the wheel openings, and lifting it marginally at the front to eliminate it from the drawer.

Stage 2

Remove the crate plate. Slant the back of the plate, push it back slightly, tilt it forward and eliminate it from its opening.

Stage 3

Then, unmount the 10-millimeter bolts holding the drawer set up. There are 4 of them, 2 on each side of the drawer.

Eliminate them with a 10-millimeter attachment. After this, snatch the entryway on the two sides, lift it and eliminate its sections from the slide rails.

Stage 4

To eliminate the slide rails, eliminate the holding pin that is holding the stuff shaft set up.

Slide the stuff shaft to the right, lift it up to the left, and slide it out. Then, completely expand the slide rails, track down the locking tab, push down it and slide the rails out.

Note: These means apply to a wide range of Samsung cooler drawers, remembering FlexZone drawers for 4-entryway french entryway fridges and 3-entryway french entryway coolers.

Be that as it may, for the FlexZone drawers, you really want to lift the FlexZone bushel far removed prior to eliminating the drawer.

To do this, begin by opening the FlexZone container completely. Now, lift it up and haul it out utilizing your two hands.

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How to Put Drawer Back in a Samsung Freezer

If you are wondering how in the world would you assemble this all back together?

Then do not worry we got your back just follow these simple steps to put your drawer back in a Samsung Freezer

Stage 1

Slide the gear end of the slide rails first. Push it in until it gets into position.

Then, expand the rails completely, embed the gear shaft with the opening into the rails, and ensure they adjust.

Reinsert the holding pin to hold the shaft setup.

Stage 2

Then, place the entryway of the drawer ready, guaranteeing that the tabs line up with the sections of the entryway and the openings are on the glides.

Presently, remount the 10-millimeter bolts, 2 on each side of the drawer.

Stage 3

Embed the box tray now. Put the back into the drawer first prior to bringing down the front and setting it set up.

Then, put the upper plate into the drawer.

Embed the rear of the plate into the drawer first prior to setting the wheels into its openings.

Move back and forth to guarantee it is locked in place.

Note: These means additionally apply to a wide range of Samsung coolers with cooler drawers, including the FlexZone drawers as well.

Samsung Drawer NOT Opening FIX

Did you try all the steps above to open your Samsung Drawer? but still, no luck don’t worry we got a few extra tricks for you.

  1. Turn off the unit and give the cooler opportunity to defrost completely. Typically, this requires as long as 24 hours or even 48 hours, contingent upon the development of ice.
  2. At the point when it is completely thawed out, have a go at opening the drawer. In the event that it opens, you realize it was frozen closed. Clear any dampness in the cooler off, particularly on rails and drawer outlines. This is to keep it from refreezing.
  3. Give the cooler chance to totally air dry somewhere around 24 hours prior to connecting the unit once more.

Nonetheless, in the event that completely thawing out the cooler doesn’t assist with opening the drawer, something could be off with the drawer slides.

A fridge professional can assist you with deciding this and fixing it. You can likewise call Samsung Support place for help.

To keep this sort of freezing from reoccurring, utilize pure paraffin wax on the drawer slides.

An option is petroleum jelly which has no prescription.

These are great ointments for such slides, cooler entryway seals, roller axles, and entryway pivots.


Make sure to turn off the cooler or fridge any time you need to investigate or fix it. Try not to contact it assuming that it has electric power provided to it. This is to forestall electric shock.

Moreover, assuming you have decent sets of work gloves, wear them as they are added protection from injury.

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Final Words

If removing or fixing a Samsung cooler drawer is proving to be troublesome, then immediately pause and track down professional assistance.

Contact the Samsung support center and request service. You can likewise talk with any of our certified appliance technicians.

They are generally prepared to offer proficient assistance and counsel.

We hope that this blog post has been helpful in walking you through the process of removing your Samsung freezer drawer.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

We would be more than happy to assist you further! Thanks for reading and good luck!

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