Best Modern Minimal Kitchen Ideas

Best Modern Minimal Kitchen Ideas

The top 10 modern minimal kitchen ideas are for anyone interested in designing the kitchen with new trends without raising the budget.

The minimalism trend is now entering the kitchens where organization, functionality, and neatness are recognized as the holy trinity.

Modern minimalism not only adds a much-needed sense of serenity but also helps one to focus on the present. It comes with sleek, stylish materials and promotes clear clutter-free surfaces.

Before discussing the ideas, remember that for a simple-looking kitchen, everything that we keep is much essential for space. So, make sure that each piece has to make a statement for our dream modern minimal kitchen.

Also check out the retro kitchen decor ideas that are really loved by people these days.

Top 10 Best Modern Minimal Kitchen Ideas

  • Feature Hood:

Go for a perfect blend of timeless and modern designs. Minimalist designers suggest that sleek metallic hoods add an unexpected edge.

  • Color Palette:

Monochromatism is one of the best tips to keep the kitchen looking as simple as possible.

White is a very regarded color in the race of the latest minimalist kitchen designs. Also, white helps in making an illusion of a spacious look. You can complement this famous color with various textures like ceramic, stone, or marble for having a calm effect.

Moreover, some neutral shades like grey, beige, and nude stone shades are also perfect for minimalist kitchens. That doesn’t imply that a bland kitchen is what one should settle for. Instead, pops of color here and there in the way of natural color wood only help to keep the vibrancy going.

One can also go for a matte or wood finish to emphasize the depth of spaces.

  • Get Rid of Clumsy Sockets:

Try to pull out those extra sockets on your backsplash and use a beautiful alternative – pop-up plugs – on the counters and even inside the cabinets.

This creates a sleek, simplistic, and neat kitchen look.

  • Go for Sleek Kitchen Appliances:

Nowadays, modern technology comes with sleek, versatile, and safe kitchen appliances.

Go for the updated versions for your ovens, microwaves, fridges, dishwashers, countertop small appliances, cooktops, etc.

While choosing sleek designs, make sure for matching colors to keep your design as streamlined as possible. There are a lot of contemporary options available in markets, thus, you can choose one to suit your style.

On the other hand, you could go for the updated modern built-in models that keep your appliances hidden behind your cabinet cupboards.

  • Opt for an Interesting Floor Finish:

Floor finishing adds a little interest to a minimalist kitchen, especially for those kitchens where the open floor has not enough square footage.

A monochromatic cabinet scheme goes perfectly with a patterned ceramic tile or rich textural stone. However, the small surface area has to make sure that the material doesn’t make the space feel too exhausting or overburden the budget.

Kitchens are often the busiest rooms in the home and need to fight with splashes and scrapes from demanding family routines.

Pick engineered wood, tiles, or hardwearing laminate as a long-wearing and durable choice. Also, you can opt for vinyl for a streamlined finish.

  • Countertop Space:

For a modern minimalist kitchen, make sure that how much countertop you really need! In a small compact kitchen, you can only dream about the endless countertop space and large storage. However, if you keep your counters clutter-less and neat, you won’t need an enormous countertop space, anymore.

Make sure that 48″ to 60″ of uncut counter space has enough room and is good for the latest minimalist look. Go for a durable and stylish design in striking materials such as granite, marble, laminate elements, etc.

To add spunk to your minimalist space, you could also choose wooden countertops. Make sure to get rid of anything with an extra rustic finish.

Further, make sure to remove unnecessary appliances from the countertops and use an overall monochromatic palette or scheme. Because less for the eyes helps them to concentrate.

Everyone prefers to see beautiful stonework than to see a clumsy waffle maker all day.

  • Choose Sleek Cabinets & Handles:

The latest minimalist kitchen interiors always promote a streamlined look. Make sure your kitchen cabinets have a sleek-yet-durable design.

For instance, a glossy or matte finish works well for a simple aesthetic kitchen. However, do make sure to pick a straightforward design without much ornate detailing.

Go for a simple bar or knob handle design for adding a sleek look to your minimalist kitchen.

  • Pick Sinks with Sharp Lines:

Sinks with sharp lines create the perfect minimalist kitchen aesthetic. Further, square shapes sink and an unusual finish such as copper, black glass, or black composite work particularly well.

Kitchen taps are not to be forgotten. Go for the exquisite design-led options especially if you want to match the shade to your sink material.

You can also go for upgraded features such as instant hot water or pull-out spray taps.

  • Choose Perfect Lighting:

The right and perfect lighting is necessary for any kitchen design. For a chic minimalist kitchen design, bright natural light brings a sense of airy and fresh ambiance. Always try for the most natural lights by avoiding curtains or large blinds.

Further opt for bright spotlighting and under-cabinet lighting, at night. Also, the sculptural pendant lights hung above the breakfast bars, kitchen islands or dining tables can also add an exquisite ambiance to your stylish minimalist kitchen.

  • Go for Smart and Compact Storage:

Small and compact storage options are much necessary for planning a minimalist kitchen design for a small space. Select rotating corner cupboard storage, pull-out pantries, charging drawers, and other updated small storage options to make the most of your room.

The key is to keep worktops and floor space as clear and neat as possible.


To summarize our view, minimalist kitchen design ideas are not about less of it but it is all about the perfect amount of it.

For instance, using the same material as the countertop for the backsplash creates a beautiful waterfall effect. Thus, it forms a nice minimalistic and calming effect.

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