How to keep your Kitchen Clean for a Longer time?

When you spent your money, time, and efforts towards getting your dream kitchen, there is this ‘new kitchen’ feeling that you want to last for years to come. In relation to this, we have tried to shortlist and discussed some tips that will help you to clean and maintain the kitchen in good condition for a longer time.

Tips in accordance with the important areas to keep the kitchen clean for a longer time

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are the feature statement of any new kitchen. Their look and design can change the overall feel of the kitchen, so it’s important to give them your little time and effort to keep them in good condition for longer.

For instance, frequently clean your cabinets’ exterior with a mild kitchen detergent solution (diluted with water). They work well for both gloss and matt cabinets. Afterward, dry immediately to keep your kitchen cabinets from staining and warping.

In case of sudden scratches and scrapes, go for good quality wax filler kits that perfectly go with the color of the kitchen, so you can seamlessly cover any chips and cracks to preserve the smooth and seamless finish of your kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Drawers

A kitchen drawer is a small but important part of any kitchen. Nothing more disturbing than the kitchen drawers which don’t open and close properly. However, you can take yourself out of that exhausting situation by dusting the drawer runners regularly. This will help to keep away the clogged dirt and help the drawers close seamlessly.

Always remember that you don’t have to roughly slam the doors to preserve the hinges in good working order for a long time. In case you are living with teens or children, go for the soft-close mechanism kitchen cabinets with a soft-close mechanism.

Kitchen Worktops

Although all kitchen countertops are designed to bear minor spills and splashes. However, do a quick little effort to wipe it up with quality wipe-liquids to keep them from soaking in and staining worktops.

Some porous worktop materials also need little touchups to make sure that they remain waterproof. A little extra care like oiling wooden worktops three to four times a year to keep them new for longer.

Also, re-sealing granite worktops once every five years will preserve them from daily wear and tear.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are the core of any kitchen. Doing a little extra care will keep them in good working condition.

Although, kitchen appliances’ failures are due to improper use such as overloading the wet zone or unconsciously blocking the microwave vents.

It’s crucial to take the time to read the instruction manual, carefully. This can save you from exhausting repairs in the long run.

Frequent cleaning is a key to extending their life and keeping you from bearing the cost of repairs or replacement parts.

For example, do pay extra attention to removing lint from the tumble dryer after every wash, to prevent the build-up that can pose a fire risk.

Kitchen Sink

For homes with a hard water area, limescale is a big problem.

You can see the limescale around your kitchen sink that stained its beauty. But, don’t be sad.

We have some top kitchen aftercare tips for this.

You can remove the scale stains with some natural acids such as lemon juice to return the sparkling shine of your sink.

You have to only apply it to the scaling area, leave it to soak then scrub with the rough side of a sponge and you will find a neat and clean sink.

I hope these quick tips will help you in cleaning and maintaining your kitchen.

Comment below if you like our effort and add some more useful kitchen maintenance tips and tricks for keeping anyone’s dream kitchen clean and brand new even after a long time.

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