How to Install Pull-Out Drawers in Kitchen?

How to Install Pull-Out Drawers in Kitchen?

Do you want to install pull-out drawers in your kitchen but don’t know how? Don’t worry! We are here to help you to go through the process step-by-step. It’s easier than you think, and the results are definitely worth it!

We will also provide some tips & tricks to make them more efficient plus some benefits of installing pull-out drawers/rollouts in your kitchen.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Install Pull-Out Drawers in the Kitchen

Installing pull-out drawers in your kitchen may be the perfect solution for storing kitchen utensils and avoiding clutter. Let’s start with the installation process with our step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Gather the Required Supplies

First things first, you will need to gather all of the required supplies for installing your new pull-out drawers. This includes:

  • A measuring tape
  • A level
  • Pencil and paper
  • Saw (if you need to cut the drawer boxes to size)
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Hinges
  • L brackets (optional)

Step 2: Measure the Space and Cut the Drawer Boxes

Measure the space where you will be installing the pull-out drawers. Once you have your measurements, use a saw to cut the drawer boxes to size if necessary.

If you have pre-made drawer boxes, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Remove the Things in the Way

You will need to remove the cabinet doors and any shelves that are in the way. Furthermore, you need to label where the shelves go so that you can put them back in the same spot.

Step 4: Drilling Pilot Holes

Create some pilot holes in the side of the cabinet with help of a drill. These will be used to screw in the brackets that will hold the drawer.

Step 5: Installation Process

Now it’s time to install the drawer slides.

  1. First, put them in the cabinet, and then screw them into the pilot holes that you created.
  2. If you’re using ball-bearing drawer slides, make sure to put them in the correct direction. The ball bearings should face toward the back of the cabinet so that they can roll smoothly.
  3. Next, put the drawer in the opening and make sure that it is level.
  4. If it isn’t level, loosen the screws on the drawer slides and adjust it until it is.
  5. Once the drawer is level, screw it into the brackets on the slide.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully installed a pull-out drawer in your kitchen.

Step 6: Add Some Useful Variations (Optional)

  • Add a Lazy Susan to the corner pull-out drawer to make accessing everything easier.
  • Put some dividers in the drawers to keep things organized and tidy.
  • Install a spice rack in a pull-out drawer to make cooking easier.
  • Add a knife block to a pull-out drawer to keep your knives organized and within reach.
  • Install a pot and pan lid organizer in a pull-out drawer to make cooking easier.

Tips & Tricks for Pull-out Drawers

Here are some tips and tricks to make the pull-out drawer more efficient and useful:

  • Install them in the lower cabinets first since we tend to store heavy pots and pans in them.
  • You can install them near the dishwasher to make unloading easier.
  • Install them in the corners to make use of all the space in your kitchen.
  • Use deep drawers to store tall and bulky items.
  • Use shallow drawers for smaller items such as silverware and Tupperware lids.
  • Lubricate the slides occasionally for smooth sliding.

Benefits of Pull-Out Drawers

  • Installing pull-out drawers is a great way to organize your kitchen and make it more functional.
  • Not only will you be able to see all of your utensils at once, but you’ll also be able to reach them easily.
  • If your kitchen is small, installing rollouts can help you to make the most of the space that you have.
  • Save time and energy for searching kitchen items.
  • Pull-out drawers make it easy to easily reach the back of the drawer and make cleaning, a breeze.
  • Pull-out drawers can be installed in any type of cabinet, including base cabinets, wall cabinets, and pantry cabinets.
  • They are also a great addition to vanities and closets.
  • Plus, they’re much more aesthetically pleasing than cluttered cabinets!

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