How to Take Good Instagram Kitchen Pictures?

How to Take Good Instagram Kitchen Pictures?

Instagram and its Instagrammers are now big things in social media. Like every other category, there are also popular pages on kitchen-related stuff. Just look at the famous chefs on Instagram like Gordon Ramsay, who has 13 million+ followers. In relation to this, we have explained some important tips on how to capture good Instagram kitchen pictures like a pro. This will help you get more likes and followers.

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5 Amazing Tips to Take Good Kitchen Pictures for Instagram

Go for the Perfect Lighting for a kitchen photo

Perfect lighting is the first and foremost step in our super 5 steps for capturing an ultimate Instagram kitchen picture. Because, inappropriate lighting can even make the most stylish kitchens look dull, boring, and dingy.

Thus, first, consider the time of day you take the picture. It affects a lot on the end result. Typically, the morning light offers the best results.

However, picture quality also relies on the direction your kitchen windows face. For instance, west-facing windows may not have good light till evening. And obviously, don’t capture pictures directly facing a window because the camera focuses more on the light source and end result will be a darker kitchen.

Moreover, you can also use spotlights instead of finding good natural light. The strategically placed spotlights enhance the overall ambiance of the room plus you can highlight the concealed corners of your kitchen. As the under-cabinet lighting or spotlights on the kitchen island are a great way to add vibrancy to certain spaces of the room.

Explore the Ideal Angles to enhance the kitchen’s beauty

Explore some clever angles that are vital to making your kitchens look more spacious and roomy. From some angles, you can find your kitchen look smaller than in reality.

Remember, for a flat and compact look, always take photos head-on. On the other hand, a little diagonal angle adds depth. For an outstanding Instagram kitchen picture, first, stand on a chair in the corner of the kitchen. Then, capture the picture from an elevated angle. This will help you to take the full width of the kitchen and make it appear more luxurious.

Avoid Unwanted Reflections to shoot a good picture in the kitchen

As kitchens have various reflective items such as metal kettles, glossy kitchen cabinets, and sleek shiny kitchen hobs. Avoid those reflective objects because the end result will have those unwanted reflections. Take the photo from a diagonal angle and try to avoid those reflective surfaces by keeping a close eye on them.

Own Creativity is best in making your kitchen pictures stand out

Once you know the technical elements, one step left to do to take your kitchen pics to the next level is to add your own creativity and personal style.

Because it’s the tiny decorative touchups that result in the ultimate Instagram kitchen pictures. These can be the beautiful vases of flowers on your kitchen islands, exquisite jars on open shelves, a statement wall to add a spunk of color, or can be textured floral prints on the wall. You can pick from endless ways to let your own décor style spark in your kitchen.

Go Natural with kitchen photography

Last but not least, opt for natural pictures. Although, filters are used for perfecting your Instagram photos. But no one beats your own creativity in capturing natural photos. As creativity and beauty lie in imperfections.

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