How to Reset Filter Light on Samsung Fridge?

How to Reset Filter Light on Samsung Fridge?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reset the filter light on Samsung fridges. There are also some tips on how to prevent this from happening again.

Samsung fridge owners may sometime encounter the issue of a filter light that will not reset. This can be frustrating, but there is a way to fix it.

7 ways to reset the filter light on a Samsung refrigerator

If your Samsung fridge has a water filter indicator light, it is important to change the water filter when the indicator light turns red.

A clogged or dirty water filter can reduce the flow of water to the dispenser and ice maker, and can also cause leaks.

There are different ways to reset the filter light depending on the model so let’s start with the “Alarm” button method.

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“Alarm” button

To reset the channel light on Samsung coolers, find the multi-work button on the presentation board.

Ordinarily, it has a “Channel reset (3 sec)” or “Hold for 3 sec to reset filter” name under it. Thus, you shouldn’t struggle with finding it.

Contingent upon your fridge model, this button can differ.

Be that as it may, in most Samsung coolers today, the multi-work button is the “Alert” button.

In this way, assuming the ALARM button on your ice chest has a “channel reset” name, follow the means beneath…

Press and hold the ALARM button until the light goes off. This can require around 3 seconds.

This strategy applies to the accompanying Samsung coolers:

  • RF26J7510SR/AA.
  • Comparative 3-entryway French models.
  • Comparative 4-entryway French models.

The “Energy Saver” button 

The multi-work button in other French entryway refrigerator models is the “ENERGY SAVER” button.

For such models, this is the way to reset the channel light:

Press and hold the ENERGY SAVER button for 3 seconds. Or on the other hand, until the light goes off.

This method applies to:

  • Comparable 3-entryway French models.
  • Comparable 4-entryway French models.

The “Water” button 

Most side-by-side fridge models have an alternate multi-work button.

For this sort of model, the multi-work button is normally the “WATER” button on the container.

To reset the filter light on it:

Press and hold the WATER allocator button for around 3 seconds. From that point onward, the filter light marker ought to switch off.

This technique applies to the accompanying:

  • RS265TDRS.
  • Most side-by-side fridge models.

“Ice Type/Water” button

For other 3-entryway French door refrigerators with water and ice gadgets, the multi-work button is the “ICE TYPE/WATER” button.

Furthermore, you can reset its filter light by:

Squeezing and holding the ICE TYPE/WATER button on the presentation board for 3 seconds. Or on the other hand, until the filter light marker goes off.

You can apply this strategy to the accompanying:

  • RF263BEAESR.
  • Comparable 3-entryway French door models.

“CRUSHED ICE” button

Assuming you have a 4-entryway Flex fridge, the multi-work button is the “CRUSHED ICE” button.

It’s on the showcase board, right over the ice and water allocator.

This is the way you can reset its filter light:

Press and hold the CRUSHED ICE button for around 3 seconds.

Doing this will switch off the channel light pointer. Furthermore, eliminate the water channel message on the presentation board.

This technique works with the accompanying:

  • RF28R7351SG.
  • RF23J9011SR/AA.
  • RF23J9011SG/AA.
  • RF28K9070SR/AA.
  • Comparable 4-entryway Flex ice chest models.
  • Other 4-entryway French models.

“Ice Maker” button

In some Samsung French entryway refrigerators, you can reset the filter light utilizing their inward controls.

For this model kind, the multi-work button is the “ICE MAKER” button.

To reset its filter light pointer:

  • Open the ice chest entryway.
  • Find the inward controls, ordinarily on the right side.
  • Press and hold the ICE MAKER button for around 3 seconds.

This reset technique works with:

  • RF28R7201SR.
  • Comparative French entryway models with inner controls.

“Ice chest” and “Power Cool” buttons

Can’t track down the right technique for your refrigerator yet?

Just relax. I have another strategy to share.

This specific strategy applies to most Samsung ice-chest models that have inside controls.

Not at all like the previously mentioned techniques, you need to squeeze 2 buttons on it.

This is the way to reset its channel light:

  • Open your ice chest entryway.
  • Find the inner controls, for the most part at the top or along the edge.
  • Press and hold the FRIDGE and POWER COOL fastens at the same time.
  • Hold them for around 3 seconds. Or on the other hand, until the channel light goes off.

This 2-button technique applies to:

  • RF260/BEAESR/AA.
  • Most refrigerators with inward controls.
  • Comparable 3-entryway French entryway models.

This concludes our list of methods to reset the filter light indicator on a Samsung fridge.

Now read further to understand how does how the Samsung filter indicator works

How does the Samsung filter indicator work?

The filter light is simply accessible to Samsung refrigerators with ice and water dispensers. Its capacity is to make the user when aware of the progress of the water filter.

It streaks 3 distinct lights, which have various implications. See beneath for the aide.


  • Significance: Water is really great for use.
  • The activity required: N/A

In the most recent Samsung fridge models, the filter light pointer stays OFF (no light) rather than green or blue


  • Significance: The filter has been utilized for quite some time as of now/has arrived at 450 gallons (2046 L).
  • The activity required: Replace the water filter straightaway.


  • Significance: The filter has been utilized for a considerable length of time or longer/has arrived at 500 gallons (2273 L).
  • The activity required: Replace the water filter right away.

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How to maintain your Samsung refrigerator?

We will guide you on how to maintain your fridge starting with changing the water filter

Change the water filter

Try to change the water channel each 3 to a half years. Or on the other hand, once the filter light pointer becomes orange or red.

This is the way to get it done:

  • Switch OFF the water supply.
  • Open the cooler entryway.
  • Open the water channel cover.
  • Pivot the water channel counterclockwise to open it.
  • Take out the water channel.
  • Embed the substitution.
  • Turn it clockwise to get it.
  • Close the water channel cover.
  • Close the refrigerator entryway.
  • Turn ON the water supply.

The means might differ somewhat relying on your cooler model and water filter type.

Clean the water dispenser

A white film might shape your fridge’s water dispense over the long run.

That white film is minerals from the water, which can gather soil and residue.

In this way, to keep that from occurring, try to consistently clean the water container.

To do that:

  • Push down and eliminate the water containers.
  • Clean it utilizing water and a gentle cleanser.
  • Air-dry the gadget.
  • Return it from the refrigerator.

You can likewise involve vinegar or baking soft drinks as substitutions for the gentle cleanser. These two fixings are phenomenal in eliminating deposits and disagreeable smells.

Defrost the cooler

You might feel that ice construct-ups in the cooler are much of a problem.

However, it can really cause water spillage after some time and screw up the fridge’s temperature sensor.

To forestall that, thaw out the cooler once in 1 to about fourteen days.

This is the way to make it happen:

  • Turn off the cooler.
  • Open the cooler entryway.
  • Turn the temperature dial to “Thaw out.”
  • Allow the ice to construct ups soften.

Ace tip: Place a fan before the cooler to accelerate the thawing-out process.

Vacuum the condenser curls

One more method for keeping up with your fridge is to clean the consolidated loops. Which are liable for keeping your fridge cool.

Since the condenser curls are toward the rear of the refrigerator, they can gather soil, residue, and garbage over the long haul.

These things can influence the condenser’s presentation. Furthermore, cause your refrigerator not to effectively cool.

That being said, vacuum the condenser loops no less than two times every year to guarantee ideal execution.

Cleaning these will expect you to get to the refrigerator’s backboard. In this way, do it when there are practically zero food supplies in your apparatus to keep away from waste.

Replace the door seal

Likewise, make a point to examine your refrigerator’s entryway seal. What’s more, supplant it if fundamental.

Doing this is essential to keep away from warm air from entering the unit, which causes dampness.

You ought to supplant the entryway seal if:

  • There are holes in it.
  • Its edges are twisted or broken down.
  • The refrigerator isn’t shutting as expected.


We truly want to believe that you have acquired a superior comprehension of how to reset the channel light on a Samsung cooler.

One final highlight notice: most Samsung cooler models are outfitted with a “LOCK” button, which is utilized to lock the controls, and it is regularly this button that is an issue when the Samsung refrigerator water filter light doesn’t switch off when you attempt to switch it off.

It will be important for you to open the controls for the water channel light to effectively be reset; in this way, attempt to hold down the blazing LOCK button for 3 seconds and afterward retry the cycle.

Normally, the open method differs from one model to another, so in the event that the means illustrated above don’t work, counsel your handbook for the right methodology.

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