How TO Organize the Spice Rack?

How to Organize the Spice Rack?

Are you looking for some useful and innovative ways to keep herbs and spices organized or do you need help with how to organize the spice rack in your kitchen?

It doesn’t matter if you have a rotating spice rack, a wall-mounted shelf, or a countertop on which you keep spices, you can easily put things in order with some tips.   

There are some different ways to organize a spice rack.

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7 Best ways to Organize the Spice Rack


This is the easiest and simplest way to organize spices. You can simply arrange all of your spices in alphabetic order, from A to Z. One can also reverse the alphabet starting with the letter Z and ending with the letter A for some adventurous feeling.

To add more customization, try breaking up the alphabet into smaller sections for easy usages, such as A to F, G to L, M to R, and S to Z.


Organize by store depends upon where did you purchase your spices? Most probably came from at least a couple of different places. Knowing from which store you commonly purchased spices makes it easier to add items to your shopping list when you want to buy them.

Try to organize or locate your spices based on their purchase location. This includes different places like supermarkets, farmer’s markets, gourmet shops, local convenience stores, big box stores, specialty stores, and catalog or online stores.


Just like the store organization method, this method of organization allows you to choose your spices based on brands. Maybe you have many favorite brands you like to use for particular dishes. Or maybe it’s just easier for you to locate the spice you need on your spinning spice rack when you know the red pepper has an elegant, bright blue brand label. It’s totally up to you!


One of the most effective and enjoyable ways to get in touch with your flavor preferences is to allow your tastebuds to be your guide.

Try organizing your spices into different categories like salty, spicy, sweet, and bitter.

In addition to that, you can also set them by their varying degrees of saltiness, sweetness, and spiciness, for example, from mild to extreme.


Prepare a stunning culinary palette for yourself in your kitchen. We recommend starting with these familiar spice colors: green, white, yellow, orange, red, black, purple, and brown.


If you want to do cooking in a more efficient way, try organizing spices by their recipe or method of use. You don’t need to organize your entire collection in this manner, but for specific recipes.

This will ensure easy and quick access when cooking your favorite dishes.


Another way to organize spices is based on the size of the containers in which they are stored.

Containers can be of any size e.g, commercial-sized, extra-large, medium, small, tiny, and extra-tiny. Of course, your storage method may vary depending on the size of the containers and the amount of space you have for containers.

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