Clean a Microwave with a Lemon

How to properly Clean a Microwave from Inside with a Lemon?

Cleaning Microwave will ensure that you and your family eat clean and uncontaminated food, as more microorganisms love to thrive in warm areas. Here you can find some super easy steps to help you properly clean the microwave from the inside, simply with an all-natural lemon.

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Requirements for Cleaning a Microwave with a Lemon

Time Required:

  • 15 – 20 mins overall time

Skill Required:

  • Beginner skill level

Material Required:

  • One clean and a soft microfiber cloth or cleaning rag
  • Microwave-safe small measuring cup
  • 1 lemon

Guide to Clean a Microwave from Inside with a Lemon

First Step: The first step is to pour about half a cup of water into a measuring cup – keep in mind that it is microwave-safe.

Second Step: Cut the lemon in half and squeeze it into the water. Drop the leftover lemon halves into that cup or bowl.

Third Step: Now put this cup in your microwave. Remember to keep your microwave on high power for 3 minutes so that the liquid comes to a boil.

Fourth Step: Next is to leave it for 5 minutes. But, don’t open the microwave door so that the inside steam will loosen the food gunk of your microwave.

Fifth Step: Now you have to open the door of your microwave. Remember to carefully take out the cup with the leftover lemon halves. Then, lift out the microwave rotating plate and wipe it clean. Wipe the microwave’s inner side, starting with cleaning its ceiling and then the sides. Don’t forget to wipe the microwave door.

Sixth Step: Last but not least, make sure to remove the stubborn spots by dipping the corner of your microfiber cloth in the lemon water and scrubbing until the spot disappears.

Seventh Step: Finally, place the turntable back and you’re good to go — with a spotless microwave and also a delightful citrus fragrance!

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