How to Properly Clean Up Your Kitchen?

Last Updated on May 12, 2022

Cleaning makes a lot of difference, anywhere. Keeping your dream kitchen clean and clutter-free is essential to keep yourself from bacteria, molds, unnecessary work, and also from stress. The question is how to properly clean up the kitchen?

We come up with an effective solution – breaking down the kitchen cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, and once or twice a year makes cleaning an easy, fun, and stress-free experience.

Guide to Properly Clean Up the kitchen

Let’s start with the daily cleaning tasks.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

This includes simple straightforward daily cleaning chores like keeping dishes cleaned and placed properly, cleaning worktops and counter spaces, sweeping floors, and free of debris.

Daily kitchen cleaning tasks will help keep your kitchen germ-free and sanitary. As it will help you avoid contamination that results in food-borne diseases.

Some of the main daily tasks that are to be performed after meals are mentioned below:

  • Counter Cleaning: You can use a spray cleaner or a mild cleanser in hot water for cleaning the counter space.
  • Avoid Cross-Contamination: Always remember that whenever you have to wipe your counters, use paper towels or kitchen towels that you wash daily. This will keep you safe from cross-contamination.
  • Kitchen Sponge Cleaning: Do sanitize your kitchen sponge in a bleach-water solution daily to make it germ-free.
  • Cutting Board: This is the most important kitchen item and the most common item for cross-contamination. Thus, do sanitize cutting boards with boiling water or with a bleach-water solution.
  • Bin Liners: To keep trash cans sanitized, remember to replace bin liners.
  • Sink Cleaning: Daily sink cleaning is crucial. So, use an abrasive cleanser or DIY cleanser solution to clean any stains out of the sink.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

When you plan to do your weekly house cleaning, you can easily do your weekly kitchen cleaning tasks. In this way, you can deeply clean and organize your kitchen such as keeping your cupboards, pantry, drawers, and refrigerator organized.

You can use a sanitizing cleanser to wipe away any bacteria and dirt that has clung to their surfaces for deeper cleaning. In weekly cleaning, you can deodorize your kitchen to remove any lingering smells from the week.

For more, read the below tips and reminders:

  • Always remember to start cleaning from high surfaces to low surfaces to save your time and energy.
  • To clean your refrigerator, use a sanitizing cleanser or bleach-water solution to clean its shelves, doors, and drawers.
  • Moreover, to clean your trashcans and recycle bins, use a sanitizing cleanser or bleach-water solution. This solution can also help you to deodorize them.
  • Use a clean soft cloth damp in sanitizing cleanser or bleach-water solution to wipe down counters, backsplash, cupboard doors, cupboard pulls, drawer pulls, any knobs, door pulls, etc.
  • Finally, you can now sweep and mop the floors. You can use a vacuum cleaner to suck any dirt cling between the cupboards and floor space.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

In monthly kitchen cleaning, try to keep clutter at bay, do window cleaning, and clean your small appliances.

  • To de-grease and clean your stove and grates, use a degreasing cleaner. This will keep you safe from fire risks and make it germ-free.
  • For window cleaning, use a window glass cleaner spray and dry them with newspapers for streak-free shiny windows.

Once or Twice a Year Cleaning Tasks

Most people do once or twice a year kitchen cleaning as a part of their annual “spring cleaning” routine.

It requires the deepest level of kitchen cleaning and allows you to remove clutter while making your kitchen more organized and tidy.

This also gives you a chance to clean those spaces that you don’t clean the rest of the year like the areas behind your refrigerator and on your walls.

This is the major cleaning session that results in a sparkling clean and clutter-free kitchen that is now ready for another year’s use.

By breaking down your kitchen cleaning tasks, you can properly clean a kitchen in the best way possible.

Comment below if you like it and do add your way to clean your kitchen and make cleaning a fun and joyful experience!

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