Defrost Samsung Ice Maker

Guide to Defrost Samsung Ice Maker

Defrosting is crucial for a freezer or ice maker. As the ice build-up can cause the ice maker to stop making the ice, make smaller cubes than usual, or won’t stop making ice. We have written a complete guide to defrost Samsung Ice Maker in a simple, safe, and quick way.

How to Defrost Samsung Ice Maker?

Method 1 – Reset Defrost Samsung Ice Maker

The Samsung company recommends itself to first run the reset mode for defrosting your ice buddy.

Resetting will defrost the annoying ice build-up in your ice maker within 24 hours by simply following these steps:

1st step: First, remove the ice maker tray carefully from the ice maker.

2nd step: Secondly, find a square blue reset button. It is located in the upright corner of the appliance. Now, press and hold it for about 8 to 10 seconds until you listen to a beep. Now the ice maker is in reset mode.

3rd step: After it’ll get in reset mode, your ice maker will defrost within 24 hours.

4th step: Take a clean microfiber cloth and clean the ice maker for removing any residue moisture.

Method 2 – Manual Defrost Samsung Ice Maker

If the reset option doesn’t work for you, just follow the following steps to manually defrost your ice maker:

1st step: First, make it completely empty.

2nd step: Place some clean thick towels and carefully use a hairdryer or leave the door open until the ice has completely vanished so that it can resume its normal functioning.

3rd step: Finally, mop up any liquid residue from the melted ice with the help of those thick towels.

Note: Experts don’t recommend using steamy water pans to catalyze the unfreezing process. Because the condensation can attach to the heating coils and can make it more adverse.

Method 3 – Force Defrost (Fd) Samsung Ice Maker

This is a fast and easy method to defrost your Samsung ice maker. You can start it by accessing the control panel of your refrigerator or ice maker.

Follow the guide to begin the Force Defrost method to defrost the Samsung ice maker:

1st step: First, make sure that the Samsung ice maker is powered on. Now, press simultaneously both the “Freezer” button and the “Lightning” button for around 8 to 10 seconds. As a result, you’ll see the screen goes blank.

2nd step: The Blank screen will make sure that the appliance has gone into the Defrost mode. Now, click any button on the screen to shuffle until you’ll see an ‘Fd’ mode on the screen.

3rd step: You’ll listen to a beep that shows that you’ll enter into Force defrost mode.

4th step: Don’t touch anything; the process automatically starts and takes about half an hour. Remember, don’t get confused with a continuous beeping sound throughout the process, it is normal.

5th step: Once you set the Forced Defrost mode, open the refrigerator door to catalyze defrosting the ice maker. It is highly recommended to place thick and clean towels to absorb the water drops as the ice melts down.

6th step: You’ll see that the beeping sound stops as the refrigerator has completed the defrost process. Now, it’s good to close the refrigerator door for around 60 minutes to resume its coolness.

7th step: Next, remove the power source to switch it off for a while, then make it ON to start up again. It helps to start it cooling as usual.

8th step: Finally, turn off the ice maker function while the refrigerator is cooling as normal. Once the refrigerator has reached its optimum cooling temperature, turn it ON.

You’re done!

However, make sure to find out the root cause of the ice build-ups and resolve it in the first place.

Reasons behind frequent Ice Build-ups in Samsung Ice Maker

  • Fill Tube:

The fill tube is an element that is separately attached to the water supply line. They both ensure a continuous supply of water to the ice maker. Make sure that they don’t have any defects.

If you find out that the fill tube is frozen or blocked then pour some hot water on the fill tube, clean it, and connect it again.

  • Water Filters:

It is highly recommended to change the water filters after every 6 months to ensure the proper functioning and cleanliness of the appliance. Check it for replacements. This can be a root cause behind not defrosting your ice maker.

  • Low Temperature:

Make sure to set the temperature between zero to five degrees. Because frequent low temperatures can be the reason behind freezing up your ice maker. Thus, try to alter and move it up by 1 to 2 degrees.

  • Water Inlet Valve:

It helps to regulate the water flow in the ice maker. The ice tray can be overfilled if the water inlet valve is defective.

The water inlet valve comes with a screen filter that stops the hard water to pass through it and enter to the ice maker. If you don’t find it or can’t rule out the problem it’s better to call a proper technician.

  • Open Doors:

Finally, check the door seals and make sure it is properly closed. As, the moisture from the outside can be one of the reasons behind ice – buildups in the ice makers.

Cleaning the Ice Maker

Ice is eatable, that’s why cleaning your ice maker not only increases its life and avoids permanent or serious damage, but also makes the ice maker hygienic.

Clean and dry it carefully with the help of a clean damp cloth before placing it in the refrigerator.

Safety Precautions

I hope, this quick and easy guide will help you to defrost your Samsung ice maker. Make sure to follow these precautions:

  • Choose safe methods and equipment to avoid serious damage.
  • Immediately call a proper technician if you can’t handle any situation to keep yourself and your appliances safe.
  • Try to avoid using sharp objects.
  • Make sure to wear shoes before handling any electric appliances.

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