How to Get Smell Out of Milk Frother?

How to Get Smell Out of Milk Frother?

Milk is a blessing for you and your family, but it can become a curse when its unpleasant odor sticks to your kitchen utensils. One of the common kitchen gadgets that experience this awful situation is your milk frother. But don’t worry! We are here to guide you on how to get the smell out of your Milk Frother with some easy ways and handy tips to clean it.

Easy Ways to Get Smell Out of Milk Frother

Milk frother has to frequently deal with milk and other dairy products. That’s why it commonly ends up with troublesome smells and molds. The most effective method to get rid of the smell and molds is proper and regular cleaning of your milk frother. Here, we come up with some easy, quick, and effective ways to clean your kitchen mate.

Cleaning Handheld Milk Frother Wand

Step 1: Preparation for Washing

Turn off your battery-powered handheld/wand milk frother before washing. Unplug and let it cool, if the wand works with the help of electricity.

Step 2: Washing with Smell-Killing Solutions

  1. Mild Soap Solution: Make a washing solution with the help of mild soap or detergent and hot water. Now, dip the tip of the wand of the milk frother into that hot soapy washing solution. Use a soft brush to clean the coil for any stuck milk residue.
  2. Citric Solution: For removing any awful odor, pesky limestone deposits, or milk buildups, you can use make a solution by mixing citric acid/lemon juice in warm water. This is the best solution to not only get rid of any smell of your milk frother but also sanitize it thoroughly and increase its life.
  3. Baking Soda Solution: Take half a cup of baking soda and mix it well with 2-3 drops of mild dish soap and warm water. Put the whisking part in the solution for 30 minutes. Scrub it with a soft brush if you see any milk residue. Otherwise, rinse it well with clean running water and wipe it dry with a soft microfiber cloth.
  4. Vinegar Solution: Make an odor-killing solution with 1 cup of white vinegar mixed with 1 cup of water. Let it dip in this vinegar-water solution for 30-60 minutes and wash the wand as normal. Rinse well and dry thoroughly
  5. Tomato Juice: Finally, you can also wash the wand with a pure tomato juice-submerged sponge. Rinse off the juice and wash with your normal soapy solution. Rinse and dry it well.

Step 3: Drying

Make sure to avoid moistening any of its electrical parts, that’s why use a damp cloth to clean any stains on its handle. Let it dry in the air for a while before storing it.

Cleaning Electric Milk Frother

Step 1: Preparations for Washing

First, make sure to turn off the milk frother. Then, remove any of its detachable parts and let them cool for a while. 

Step 2: Washing

  • Hand Wash: After removing all detachable parts, handwash them and the jug (if not dishwasher safe) with the warm soapy solution or one of the solutions discussed above. Use a soft sponge or brush to thoroughly clean the inner parts of the milk jugs. Gently scrub the inner coating of the jug with mild detergent if you notice any molds, limescale deposits, or stains. Rinse them well with warm clean water.
  • Using Dishwasher: First, read the instructions if it is dishwasher safe. Then, you can put the jug, frothing disk, and lid into the dishwasher and let it work for you. The stuck deposits of milk can be easily removed with the help of highly pressurized water and cleaning detergent from the machine.

Step 3: Drying & Reassembling

After washing, use a dry and soft microfiber cloth for wiping off the milk frother. If you are cleaning it in a dishwasher, let it dry for you automatically. Once dried out completely, make sure to reassemble the parts for further use or store them in your kitchen storage for later use.

Useful Tips for Cleaning Milk Frother

  • Wash your magical wand immediately after each use. You can even wash it with normal running water if you run out of time. This will prevent any milk buildups that are the major cause of the unbearable milky smell.
  • Make sure to dip the whisking part for a while in any of the above smell-killing solutions and turn it on to make it spin for around 15-30 seconds.
  • Don’t use any chemical solution to avoid the stainless steel from discoloration and rust.
  • Never use a knife or metal spoon for trying to get rid of any pesky burnt foam in the electric milk frother containers to avoid any damage.
  • To clean the outer part of the electric milk frother jugs, use a soft damp cloth to avoid unwanted scratches. 
  • The simplest and most effective way to dry your wand is to run it for a few seconds in the air, it ensures proper drying.
  • Before storing, make sure to choose a space that is airy to avoid bad odor and molds.

Although milk is a tasty and healthy drink, however, sour milk residue can spread a stomach-turning odor. This bad odor sticks to it and causes unwanted smells in other drinks that will use the same frother. Even the smell will ruin the taste of further drinks and dishes. Thus, frequent and proper cleaning is crucial to get rid of the stinky smell of your magical milky wand!

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