Unique Designs for Kitchen Backsplashes

Top 10 Unique Designs for Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are counted as a vital design feature in any kitchen. That’s because it requires mindful planning for choosing the right material and design for the backsplash surface. Here, you can find our 10 unique designs for kitchen backsplashes that’ll splash beauty all around your kitchen.  

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Best Unique Designs Ideas for Kitchen Backsplashes

The following stunning and unique designs for the kitchen backsplashes will help you to create a distinctive design statement in your dream kitchen. 

  • Gleaming Glass Tiles

Glass tiles grab light like no other material and practically shine even under indirect lighting. Although, this type of kitchen backsplash looks like regular porcelain tiles from a distance. But, from a closer look, you can see the glowing glass tile backsplash that is created from 4-inch tiles in three different colors.

Backsplash installation is quite simple if you have a good glass-cutting instrument but if you feel uncomfortable cutting glass tiles, then do call a tile installer for installation.

  • Classic Combo of Mosaic Glass + Stone Tiles

This elegant backsplash design consists of a perfect combo of 4-inch stone tiles in two bottom rows and glowing glass mosaic sheets in the field behind the range hood. The glass surface comes in an overall 1 x 1-inch measure.

Glass tiles are easy to clean as you can clean the stains of grease and spaghetti sauce splatter, effortlessly.

Mosaic tiles are usually not a perfect choice to place right behind the cooking range, since they have quite a lot of grout lines. Otherwise, to avoid discoloration, make it confirm that the grout is very well sealed. A dark color grout can do well also, in this regard.

  • Rocky Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles such as sand ridge tiles come with a calm, and relaxed feel. It offers a Travertine look to your kitchen.

Some of the main features are right below:

  • Sage 6 x 6-inch wall field tile adjoining the kitchen counter
  • With a Sage Travertine 4 x 12-inch natural stone accent strip on top and chair rail
  • Another row of Sage 6 x 6-inch tiles on top of that

This Travertine ceramic tiles backsplash is quite easy to install. Remember, the top row may need some cutting. In this case, cutting feels like a breeze with a wet tile saw.

  • Graceful Gray Stone Tiles

Marazzi offers an urban gray stone look to your kitchen backsplash. It feels just like a natural stone, but actually, they are through-body porcelain tile with no glazing.

As natural stone requires sealing and also gets stained when used as a backsplash surface, but, porcelain on the other hand is ideal for a graceful gray stone backsplash look.

Their sheets usually come in measures 12 by 24 inches for quick installation, also with a common thin-set adhesive for setting easily. These gray stones are perfect for a contemporary and more industrial look.

  • Lively Mexican-Style Tiles

The warm diagonal Mexican-style tiles add liveliness to your kitchen backsplash. These are glazed porcelain stoneware 6 by 6-inch tiles and are set beautifully at a diagonal style, interspersed with ocotillo decorative tiles.

Although it is not hard to install,, requires quite a good amount of cutting. Ensure precise installation with the help of drawing clear layout lines on the wall. Remember to start with the border at the bottom and continue to work up.

  • Cool Cork Tiles

Recycled cork is one of the most unusual materials and designs for kitchen backsplashes. It usually comes in the form of 12 x 12-inch sheets of individual 1-inch diameter penny rounds with a size of sliced-off wine corks.  

Always go for the manufacturer’s recommended adhesives. Sealing is crucial after the installation as cork tiles do not come sealed. As, once it becomes discolored or gets wet, restoration is quite hard.

  • Rustic Tumbled Slate Tiles

If you get fed up with the high-gloss porcelain or ceramic tile backsplashes, turned toward the rustic, tumbled slate look. It’s lively and warm visual chaos that keeps things interesting. This look might be tiring for some.

The parts of natural stone from the granite countertop to the rustic slate backsplash make a strong statement and an ideal combination. It comes in a 2 x 2-inch Butterscotch Tumbled Mosaic Slate.

Remember, slate is porous and must be sealed periodically to protect them from staining. Installation is usually the same as typical ceramic or porcelain tiles. 

  • Musical Tiles

Music lovers will definitely love these sound-wave tiles. This is quite unique from others and created an unusual effect by using tiny 1.5 x 0.75-inch mosaic tiles that will be mounted vertically and designed in the shape of a sound wave or music.

Remember, this unusual effect requires an artistic sense to design the complete layout in advance. The next step is careful installation. Its application is almost the same as any other mosaic tile sheet. 

  • Sublime Subway Tiles

These big subway tiles are arranged in a straight-lay pattern to give a cool feeling and add a spunk of colors to your kitchen. They don’t come in a typical staggered running-bond pattern.

Sublime subway tiles come in 4 x 12-inch glass subway-sized tiles.

Installation is as same as for any ceramic tile but the only hindrance is to make sure that the lines are straight. The layout of these big subway tiles is also very critical because most of us want to keep away from cutting narrow strips of tile along the borders. 

  • Artistic Continuous Mosaic Tiles

Almost all backsplash tiles required repeated patterns. But for a truly gorgeous and aesthetic look, you should go for continuous mosaic tiles. Individual sheets of tile join in a preplanned order to form an overall large picture.

It required a tricky installation and an artistic eye for making a layout. One should seek help from the most intrepid DIYer. Remember, it is a very costly option that definitely needs an installation Pro. 


So here were our unique designs for making the kitchen backsplashes. Use our comment section below for any addition or queries to these designs.

Enjoy remodeling your dream kitchen!

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