Kitchen Flooring Materials Options

Top 7 Best Kitchen Flooring Materials Options

Kitchen floors generally go through a lot such as spills, heat, dropped utensils, and the frequent plod of feet. But still, it should look clean and beautiful. To help you with this, we have grouped our top 7 best kitchen flooring materials options.

Each one has been discussed with its own pros and cons.

Choosing the right material for kitchen flooring is not an easy task but we have picked the seven best durable kitchen flooring materials that are a blend of style and practicality.

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Best Material Options for Kitchen Flooring

Classic Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen Flooring

Ceramic tiles are made from natural clay and extremely durable kitchen flooring option.

There has been shaped, next glazed, and fired under heat. Ceramic tiles are also reliable because of their natural hardness and resistance to water. They are also quite resistant to stains, heat, and breakage. Under normal circumstances, it maintains its beauty with little or even no change in its appearance or function over time. 

The ceramic tile Flooring option comes in various pretty colors, sizes, faux natural patterns, shapes, and even beautiful mosaics, offering you a number of design options.

However, it is a cold building material underfoot but can be handled with an upgraded radiant heating system that has to be installed under the tiles. Some find these tiles to be too hard, but this can also be remedied with area comfy rugs.

Luxury Natural Stone Tiles for Kitchen Flooring

Natural stone tile is as hard as a rock. It is the most durable, hard, and long-lasting flooring option for the kitchen. Some of the common natural stone tile materials are marble, granite, slate, limestone, travertine, sandstone, etc.

Natural stone gives a lavish look to your kitchen floors. Particularly, granite and marble with their unique veining offer an attractive look to the kitchen floors and are best paired with natural stone kitchen countertops.

The kitchen floors embedded with natural stone add value to the property, as they signal deluxe living.

The only drawback is its porous surface. Therefore susceptible to water, liquids, and stain resistance. But, it can be handled with a yearly application of a quality stone sealer as its protective layers. And, the sealer needs to be frequently reapplied.

Different stones come with different properties such as in terms of their hardness, scratch resistance, and durability. For instance, slate and granite can last easily for decades if properly sealed and maintained. On the other hand, Travertine and sandstone are more susceptible to wear down over time. Polished marbles are the quickest stone to fret with scratches and stains.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is naturally a very durable and long-lasting flooring material for your home.

The flooring provides a warm, comfy, and cozy feel underfoot. But, it has limitations in areas with moisture such as the kitchens and bathrooms.

Previously, hardwood was not considered a good choice for kitchens where moisture, water, and liquid spills are the issues. But now, thanks to the upgraded modern sealers and polyurethane finishes that make it is good for kitchens as a more durable and long-lasting flooring option.

Besides all this, some people are somewhat susceptible to moisture and stain issues. Over time, you will see the material somewhat change and wear down. On the other hand, some love the antique look of a well-used hardwood kitchen floor.

More importantly, you can always get a brand-new look once again with the latest options of sanding and refinishing the floor.

Rich Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is quite similar to hardwood’s overall ambiance and feel. In fact, bamboo is harder than hardwood.

Its manufacturing procedures make it more resistant to moisture and water. Currently, it is an increasingly demanding choice for kitchen flooring since it is considerably more hard, durable, and long-lasting than common hardwood.

The main drawback to bamboo is that it is a more costly option than hardwood.

Bamboo flooring is harder to refinish because there is no natural grain direction to the material. While you can refinish it, but with the help of a professional.

Magnificent Concrete Flooring

Concrete is an affordable and durable option for a ground-level kitchen.

In certain cases, a concrete slab will already be positioned under the existing kitchen floor coverings. This surface can further be polished, stained, or treated in a number of ways to make it a classy and attractive flooring solution for your kitchen. In other cases, a new pour can be done over a variety of subfloor surfaces if there are no earlier concrete slabs right there.

Concrete flooring is an ideal option for a more industrial look and modern-style kitchens.

If we take a look on the darker side, it feels cold underfoot and maybe too hard same as ceramic tiles. In addition to that, naked concrete flooring also seems an outdated option these days. And while selling a house, it may reflect as a negative element to the market.

Eco-friendly Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is increasingly become popular after having been very common in kitchens 50 years ago. This environmentally friendly material is made from all-natural linseed oil.

It is easy to clean and maintain. If properly maintained, linoleum kitchen flooring can last up to 40 years.

The only downside of linoleum is that it is vulnerable to water damage. It is all fine under normal everyday use, but the linoleum flood can be all ruined by a sudden appliance breaking or a pipe bursting. Remember, not to go for low-quality linoleum options, as they can curl under moisture and humidity.

Versatile Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl is a man-made material and one of the most versatile kitchen flooring materials. The vinyl flooring has resistance to stains, damage, and water issues. Cleaning is a breeze with sweeping, vacuuming, or regular mopping of the vinyl flooring.

It is the most affordable and DIY-friendly option among all kitchen flooring materials. If you have a big family, vinyl is the best option to pick for your kitchen floor.

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is its modern version and high-quality flooring material. It is now available in wood or stone styles in a remarkably convincing way. Luxury vinyl flooring is now can be seen in many upper-end and contemporary homes.

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