Best way to Store or Arrange Kitchen Appliances

To improve your kitchen productivity, we have discussed the best way to store or arrange kitchen appliances to make them handier and streamline the space.

A kitchen is the heart of any home. We spent most of our time cooking, eating, entertaining, and socializing there. It’s crucial to design a kitchen that is a perfect blend of form and function. This will let you make the most of every inch of your kitchen. 

Arranging the kitchen appliances properly plays a vital role in creating better kitchen designs or for its renovation, and even simply rearranging it. We will be giving tips not that will not only help you best utilize your kitchen space. But, also make cooking, eating, cleaning, and family time a lot easier and fuss-free.

There is also some advice to keep you free from the nightmare scenarios such as burning yourself when pulling trays out of the oven. In addition to this, ways to clean small kitchen appliances are also discussed on this website.

10 ideas on how to arrange or store appliances in the kitchen

  • Float the Cooker Extractor:

It is not a good idea to make your extractor a feature in your kitchen.

Use a sleek and float-designed extractor. Because a sizeable traditional extractor installed above your cooker in a booth will make the most of a weird space.

Instead, use a float design.

It basically sets your extractor into a wall panel vertically, which better be in a contrasting color or timber, to the rest of your units. Moreover, it is a good idea to hide beautifully any of your kitchen wirings, and the panel doubles as a titanic splashback.

Whether you love floating or not, the cooker extractor should be positioned directly above the hob and ideally should be wider than the hob for the best performance.

Further, a ducted extractor that extracts directly outside will have more efficiency than a recirculation one. Thus, arrange it on an external wall of your home, as you’ll have less filthy ducting.

  • Prefer Symmetry:

Symmetry creates a calm and cohesive look.

So, arrange your cooking appliances such as your ovens and integrated fridge-freezer on either side of your cooking hob if there is space.

This will keep the foodstuff and utensils more accessible way where you need them while cooking. In short, symmetry is good and seamless in any way.

  • Arrange it Socialable:

Make your kitchen more fun, social and lively place.

The best way is to situate your cooking hob in the mid of your dining and kitchen, to better help your kids do their homework or chat with family when cooking.

  • Keep it a little above the Floor:

Dishwashers are typically placed under your worktops. However, raise it a bit higher, and you’ll find loading and unloading, totally seamless.

Moreover, oven arrangement is also very important. Placing it too low or too high ends up struggling you to carefully pull out heavy casserole dishes, or take out the tray now and then, for meat basting.

  • All on One Wall:

Placing almost all of your appliances on one wall adds a wow factor. Because the kitchen wirings are confined to one specific area. It makes your kitchen cleaner and smarter look. 

Also, easy for your electrician. You can arrange all basic appliances from a fridge freezer to a dispenser, oven, grill, microwave, juicer, grinder, coffee machine, steam oven, etc.

This is one of the most useful ideas while planning how to arrange your basic appliances in the kitchen, in a more handy way.

  • Cluster and Synchronize:

You can have a lot more space if you’ll having all your appliances in one bank. Otherwise, cluster your appliances by type.

For instance, arrange all of your ‘hot’ appliances such as your oven, cooking hob, and microwave oven, together.

If you love this idea, make sure to stick with one specific brand of appliance. Because manufacturers invest heavily in creating the control panels, control knobs, badges, handles, displays, and doors of the appliances, all aligned.

Appliances from one specific brand will look symmetrical and elegant in any configuration.

Further, synchronize them if they’ll all have digital displays with clocks because the minute difference can be very distracting.

  • Go for a Wet Zone:

Prefer to place your washing machine, dishwasher, and tumble dryer on either side of your sink. This will make life much easier by having your plumbing in one place and saving a lot of space in small houses. Moreover, this will help if any issues develop down the line.

However, if there is little space in your kitchen, take a tip from the Europeans. And arrange your wet zone in the bathroom. 

  • Feature the Cooker:

The kitchen is meant for cooking, so better to give your cooker a focal position. Because all the other appliances are there to support this. So, better to feature your cooking hob.

  • New Technology releases much Stress and Space:

In past, kitchen designers did not suggest placing the fridge next to the oven. Because these contrasting appliances have to work extra harder to maintain their temperatures, eventually wasting energy.

However, currently, things and technology have been changing. New upgraded appliances tend to be self-contained and well-insulated, and shouldn’t release much heat or coolness.

If you are still worried about placing your fridge next to an oven stack, then include a small 50mm filler just to be safe.

  • Install Microwave at Eye-level:

A microwave oven is often considered a necessary angel.

Considering its uses and frequency of its usage, prefer to install it at eye level.

Moreover, the latest microwave models incorporate features such as steam, air fry, and grill functions, resulting in much healthier options. And they certainly are a lifesaver when the kids are hungry.

Final Words

That’s it!

These tips will hopefully help to enhance the overall kitchen experience.

And remember! rearranging kitchen appliances is a smart bet for increasing the value of your kitchen and also of your home.

Comment below if you like our effort. Also, do add more best tips and ideas on how to arrange appliances in the kitchen, to make it look more elegant, lively, cool, and spacious.

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