Kitchen Problems and How to Fix them?

10 Common Kitchen Problems and How to Fix them?

Confronting the issue is better than avoiding it. It’s also true for your kitchen. So, once your kitchen problem arises try to fix it ASAP. We are presenting 10 common kitchen problems, their causes, and ways to fix them such as whether your kitchen gadget needs to be repaired or replaced.

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The Most Common Kitchen Problems and their Fix

Let’s start with warm refrigerators or freezers.

Refrigerators or Freezers not Cooling

For warm refrigerators or freezers that are not keeping things cool, first, check their doors. Make sure they are closing fully and their seal is snug. Also, have a close check on the warning lights. Do pay attention to any unexpected leaks, drips, heat, or noises. However, remember that a running refrigerator’s condenser exhales heat, but make sure it should not be excessive.

Stinky Freezer or Fridge Kitchen Problem

A smelly or stinky fridge or freezer could be caused by food that has gone spoiled because of temperature control or neglect.

The solution is to clean the bins and shelves with dishwashing soap. Then, let the unit open to dry out. Clean the evaporator and adjust the temperature control to the optimum settings of 0 and 40 degrees F. This will surely help to prevent ice buildup, mold growth, or odors.

Ovens cooking problem

If you find your oven to quickly overcook/burn food or undercook food, then get a quality oven thermometer to check the temperature settings. Typically, this issue can be resolved by recalibration rather than a replacement of your old pal.

Microwaves not heating

For late-night owls, the microwave plays a key role. But, if you find your microwave not working properly and isn’t heating up food the way it should. Then, First, check the magnetrons. Actually, these can burn out when an empty microwave is turned on. In this case, you need to replace the part or unit entirely depending on the situation.

In some cases, it may be caused by other faulty mechanisms, too.

Microwave Plate not going Round and Round

Your food will either end up under or unevenly cooked if the microwave plate doesn’t spin, properly or even doesn’t move completely. 

In this situation, first, clean the turntable and check that it doesn’t stick on debris or large crumbs of leftovers.

The second possibility is its worn-out motor. Fortunately, that can be fixed easily. You have to check for the manufacturer and model-specific parts and the relative instructions to get the compatible motor.

Tearing Sink or Faucet

This is counted as one of the most common and annoying kitchen problems. Each one of us has once faced this issue in our life. Although people use faucets, they are not supposed to drip and the water lines should not leak. But if you find a sudden mishap, it’s quite simple to fix a leaky faucet.

Simply clean the faucet screen if you find a faucet spurt or spraying water. Also, check for leaks near the drain line and pea-trap if you see water or mold under the sink. Make sure that you check it for the garbage disposal and also check the water lines moving to other kitchen appliances.

Choking Disposer Kitchen Problem

If you find your garbage disposal not working properly and don’t grind food scraps. First, try the reset button. If it doesn’t work, try grinding one or two ice cubes. Make sure to unplug it if it is blocked with food chunks or silverware before trying to remove the hindrance.

Sometimes you need to replace the damaged rubber sink gaskets and make sure they look like flower petals. Also, properly cover the drain hole. 

Exhausted Hood

An exhausted hood is also one of our 10 key kitchen problems, now let’s see its causes and how to fix it. If the range hood doesn’t clear the smoke properly. Do check if it is caused by some motor issues, grease-clogged ductwork, or an over-exhausted air filter. It’s quite easy to fix the air filters.

Check the motor replacement parts and instructions based on their model. Although, checking and cleaning the ductwork can be quite tricky. For that purpose, seek the help of a professional to inspect and clean out its vent.

Dishwasher not Cleaning

There are a number of reasons that your dishwasher gets angry with you and isn’t cleaning. If you see chunks of leftover food on the dishes at the end of the cycle, begin with clearing the spray arm, filter, and float.

However, if you see annoying watermarks on your dishes, the typical cause is soapy residue. In this case, change your detergent to make your dishes shine and sparkle.

Cooktop not cooking normally

Last but not least, cooktops play a vital role in any kitchen whether they are gas or electric. If you find your cooktop or burners not working, properly. There are a pair of probable reasons behind this issue. Remember, gas burner repairs are usually as straightforward as just replacing the spark ignitors. 

The electric cooktop or burner repair could be tricky. It may include a broken surface element, child lock, power surge burnout, etc. So, try to call a professional to repair it.


Every kitchen faces day-to-day issues as it is one of the most engaged and busiest areas of any home, especially in times of lockdown. That’s why it’s good to have a well-composed and well-inspected kitchen that is easy to maintain.

So, keep a close eye on your kitchen gadgets and clean them properly as per their instructions. Fixing a small issue can save you from huge replacements, and heavy expenses, and even protect you from unexpected mishaps.

First and foremost, when get to know the average life expectancy of your key kitchen appliances and other small kitchen gadgets, can help prevent sudden mishaps. Knowing a problem, solve half of the problem. However, if the issue is beyond your knowledge to fix or troubleshoot, always seek help from a professional for repairs.

Comment below if you like our research. Do add your problems in our 10 common key kitchen issues and how you fix them in the comments, right below.

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